Don’t let their name fool you. KOBELCO conventional excavators are anything but. With high-quality construction and low-cost maintenance, they’re as cost-effective as they are dependable.


  • Engine Power - 74 kW (99 hp)
  • Operating Weight - 13,300 kg (29,322 lbs)

The KOBELCO SK Series, including the SK140LC-8, was developed using KOBELCO’s most advanced technologies. This series of hydraulic excavators offer solutions for all the requirements of today’s construction industry. Their streamlined power drives a work performance that maximizes capacity and minimizes waste, offering a completely new working style while taking care for the environment to a new level.

Overall Height (to top of boom)10' 1" (3,080 mm)
Overall Width8' 9" (2,690 mm)
Ground Clearance of Rear End2' 11" (910 mm)
Ground Clearance17.32" (440 mm)
Tail Swing Radius7' 2" (2,190 mm)
Distance From Center of Swing To Rear End7' 1" (2,180 mm)
Tumbler Distance9' 11" (3,040 mm)
Track Gauge6' 6" (1,990 mm)
Shoe Width23.62 (600 mm)
Overall Width of Upperstructure8' 2" (2,490 mm)


Travel Speed3.4 mph (5.6 kph) / 2.1 mph (3.4 kph)
Drawbar Pulling Force31,248.4 lbf (139 kN)


Operating Weight29,321.4 lbs (13,300 kg)


ModelMitsubishi D 04FR
Power Output 99 hp (74 kW)
92.7 hp (69.2 kW)
Max. Torque264.7 lbf (359 Nm)
Displacement259.2 in³ (4.249 ltr)
Fuel Tank72.6 gallons (US) (275 ltr)


Pump 2 Variable axial piston
Max. Digging Reach27' 4" (8,340 mm)
Max. Digging Reach At Ground Level26' 10" (8,190 mm)
Max. Digging Depth18' (5,500 mm)
Max. Digging Height27' 10" (8,500 mm)
Max. Dumping Clearance19' 11" (6,090 mm)
Max. Vertical Wall Digging Depth16' (4,880 mm)
Min. Swing Radius8' 7" (2,620 mm)
Digging Depth For 8 Feet Flat Bottom17' 4" (5,290 mm)
Bucket Digging Force20,255.2 lbf (90.1 kN)
Arm Crowding Force14,477.6 lbf (64.4 kN)