Don’t let their name fool you. KOBELCO conventional excavators are anything but. With high-quality construction and low-cost maintenance, they’re as cost-effective as they are dependable.


  • Engine Power - 118 kW (158.2 hp)
  • Operating Weight - 21,100 kg (46,517 lbs)

When we set out to design our new hydraulic excavators, we kept our eyes on the big picture. Of course we wanted machines with greater digging capacity. But they also had to be fuel-efficient and economical, while imposing less of a burden on the local and global environments.

Applying our advanced technologies, we developed the SK210LC-10 excavator that beautifully balances all the demands of today's construction industry. Lean and efficient with capacity to spare, this powerhouse brings a whole new style to the worksite while setting new standards for environmental responsibility.

Overall Length31' 9" (9,680 mm)
Overall Height (to top of boom)10' 5" (3,200 mm)
Overall Width10' 9" (3,290 mm)
Ground Clearance of Rear End3' 5" (1,060 mm)
Ground Clearance17.71" (450 mm)
Tail Swing Radius9' 6" (2,910 mm)
Distance From Center of Swing To Rear End9' 6" (2,900 mm)
Tumbler Distance12' (3,660 mm)
Track Gauge7' 10" (2,390 mm)
Shoe Width1' 11" (600 mm)
Overall Width of Upperstructure8' 10" (2,710 mm)


Travel Speed3.7 mph (6 kph) / 2.2 mph (3.6 kph)
Drawbar Pulling Force51,031.6 lbf (227 kN)


Operating Weight46,517.4 lbs (21,100 kg)


ModelHino J05E TA
Power Output 158.2 hp (118 kW)
152.8 hp (114 kW)
Max. Torque419.6 lbf (569 Nm)
Displacement312.6 in³ (5.123 ltr)
Fuel Tank84.5 gallons (US) (320 ltr)


Pump Variable axial piston + Gear
Max. Digging Reach32' 5" (9,900 mm)
Max. Digging Reach At Ground Level31' 11" (9,730 mm)
Max. Digging Depth21' 11" (6,700 mm)
Max. Digging Height31' 10" (9,720 mm)
Max. Dumping Clearance22' 8" (6,910 mm)
Max. Vertical Wall Digging Depth20' (6,100 mm)
Min. Swing Radius11' 7" (3,550 mm)
Digging Depth For 8 Feet Flat Bottom21' 4" (6,520 mm)
Bucket Digging Force35,294.9 lbf (157 kN)
Arm Crowding Force25,178.5 lbf (112 kN)