Special jobs require specially equipped machines. KOBELCO has engineered these specialty excavators to take on unique applications that no ordinary excavator could touch.






SK210HLC-10 Hybrid

  • Engine Power - 160 hp (119 kW)
  • Operating Weight - 52,500 lbs (23,800 kg)

The numbers don’t lie. The SK210HLC-10 Hybrid excavator boasts up to a 15% decrease in fuel consumption, a 7% increase in digging volume and an 88% decrease in NOx when compared to the standard SK210LC-10 machine. The KOBELCO SK210HLC-10 Hybrid uses large-capacity lithium-ion batteries that have a runtime of up to 17.6 times longer compared to capacitors. And, the Hybrid is equipped with an electric swing motor that recharges the battery and assists the engine for digging and traveling as needed.

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Hybrid Youtube Video

Overall Height (to top of boom)10' 5" (3,170 mm)
Overall Width10' 9" (3,280 mm)
Ground Clearance of Rear End3' 6" (1,060 mm)
Ground Clearance18" (450 mm)
Tail Swing Radius9' 7" (2,910 mm)
Distance From Center of Swing To Rear End9' 6" (2,900 mm)
Tumbler Distance12' (3,660 mm)
Track Gauge7' 10" (2,390 mm)
Shoe Width31.5 (790 mm)
Overall Width of Upperstructure9' 4" (2,850 mm)


Travel Speed3.7 mph (6 kph) / 2.2 mph (3.6 kph)
Drawbar Pulling Force50,800 lbf (226 kN)


Operating Weight52,500 lbs (23,800 kg)


ModelHino J05E UM-KSSK
Power Output 166 hp (124 kW)
160 hp (119 kW)
Max. Torque472 lbf (640 Nm)
Displacement312.6 in³ (5.123 ltr)
Fuel Tank84.5 gallons (US) (320 ltr)


Pump 2 Variable axial piston
Max. Digging Reach32' 6" (9,900 mm)
Max. Digging Reach At Ground Level31' 11" (9,730 mm)
Max. Digging Depth22' (6,700 mm)
Max. Digging Height31' 11" (9,720 mm)
Max. Dumping Clearance22' 8" (6,910 mm)
Max. Vertical Wall Digging Depth20' (6,100 mm)
Min. Swing Radius11' 8" (3,550 mm)
Digging Depth For 8 Feet Flat Bottom21' 5" (6,520 mm)
Bucket Digging Force35,300 lbf (157 kN)
Arm Crowding Force25,200 lbf (112 kN)