ConExpo 2023 Recap Video

This year at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023, there was new sheriff in town, and we meant business.

Folks who ventured to the KOBELCO Ranch at CONEXPO witnessed brand new beasts, industry-leading performance, and futuristic features. Our showcase included more than 20 machines, all-new specialty excavators, and even a wrapped excavator dedicated to our service members. Plus more than 1000 brave souls tried their luck at the KOBELCO “No-Bull” Bull Riding Challenge.

Did you miss us before CONEXPO/CON-AGG rode off into the sunset? Take a look at the highlights of our KOBELCO Ranch display below.


ConExpo booth attendees walk through the KOBELCO Ranch entrance

Attendees enter the KOBELCO Ranch booth at ConExpo 2023

Aerial view of KOBELCO booth and multiple machines lined up at ConExpo

An array of Conventional, Short Radius, Mini and Specialty excavator models on display.

Wide shot of car demolition excavator reaching into a car engine compartment

The SK210D-11 car demolition excavator dismantling the competition.

ConExpo attendees enter the main KOBELCO booth

Attendees enter the KOBELCO Ranch General Store.

Rear shot of a large excavator on display at ConExpo

The SK260LC-11 conventional excavator on display.


Group of people toasting together on a stage in front of an excavator

Preston Companies celebrating the purchase of the SK230SR-7.

Group of people toasting together in front of an excavator

Williams Construction Company toasting to their new SK85CS-7 Short Radius excavator.

Group of people toasting together on a stage in front of a large crane

Dielco poses for a photo after purchasing a new CK2750G-3.

Group of people toasting together on a stage in front of two excavators

Representatives from Company Wrench toast to a new SK260D-11 and SK350DLC-11.

Aerial view of an attendee on a stage looking at the cab of a large crane

An attendee admires the KOBELCO CK2750G-3 Crawler Crane.

A large excavator wrapped in patriotic motifs

The wrapped SK350LC-10 was on display, dedicated to our American service members.


Wide shot of visitor riding an electric bull

Brave KOBELCO Ranch visitors try out the "No-Bull" Challenge.

Woman in western attire riding electric bull, hand up in air

Over 1,000 visitors rode the "No-Bull" Challenge.

Visitors peering into shop cases while shopkeeper organizes the store.

Model excavators, T-Shirts, and other merchanidise were available at the KOBELCO General Store.

Attendees at a bar with food and beverages on it, talking with the barkeeper.

VIP Attendees enjoyed a variety of provisions inside the KOBELCO Ranch Saloon.