Since 1930, we’ve built KOBELCO excavators to be leaders in the industry, adding innovation to our machines at every turn. It’s that attitude that lead to the development of the first short rear swing excavator, as well as the demolition machine with the longest reach in the world.

Today, we’re continuing our commitment to quality and innovation. We’re building the strongest dealer network in North and Latin America. We’re stocking our parts facility in Texas with more than 54,000 items ready to ship overnight. And we’re building many of our excavator models in the USA. With one eye on the future, we’re staying ahead of the competition and anticipating what you’ll need tomorrow.


Got questions about KOBELCO? These are your guys. The District Business Manager for your region is here to help.

West Coast Regional Manager Territory

West Coast

Brad Hargrave

(425) 478-4149

Image of Brad Hargrave West Coast District Manager

Image of Upper Midwest Regional Map

Upper Mid-West

Jon Koski

(920) 202-4705

Image of Jon Koski Midwest District Manager

Image of Northeastern Regional Map


Terry Ober

(860) 508-5174

Image of Terry Ober Northeastern District Manager

Image of Mid South Regional Map

Mid South

Michael Hickerson

(281) 795-6470

Image of Michael Hickerson Mid South District Manager

Image of Southeastern Regional Map


Cole Rudder

(678) 333-6396

Image of Cole Rudder Southeastern District Manager

Image of Latin America Regional Map

Latin America

Joao Oliveira

(832) 244-9257

Image of Joao Oliveria Latin America District Manager

Image of Western Canada Regional Map

Western Canada

Brad Hargrave

(425) 478-4149

Image of Brad Hargrave Western Canada District Manager

Image of Eastern Canada Regional Map

Eastern Canada

Denis Martin

(514) 754-4005

Image of Denis Martin Eastern Canada District Manager