Don’t let their name fool you. KOBELCO conventional excavators are anything but. With high-quality construction and low-cost maintenance, they’re as cost-effective as they are dependable.


  • Engine Power - 160 hp (119 kW)
  • Operating Weight - 50,000 lbs (22,700 kg)

KOBELCO'S new -11 Series excavators have been engineered to provide greater efficiency and productivity along with increased speed. The new KOBELCO SK210LC-11 is equipped with a Yanmar Tier IV Final compliant engine which has a higher torque value providing bucket digging force of 35,300 lbs and lifting capacity of 16,660 lbs.

The new design also offers premier operator safety and comfort features including a high resolution 3-sides camera system with a high resolution 10-inch monitor. A jog dial provides the operator with the selected information. The cab even has a heated air ride suspension seat, multi-vent air conditioner, and adjustable height joysticks to fit the operator. 

Download the brochure to see all of the new features on this new -11 Series machine.

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Overall Height (to top of boom)10' 5" (3,170 mm)
Overall Width10' 5" (3,180 mm)
Ground Clearance of Rear End3' 6" (1,060 mm)
Ground Clearance16.7" (425 mm)
Tail Swing Radius9' 7" (2,910 mm)
Distance From Center of Swing To Rear End9' 6" (2,900 mm)
Tumbler Distance12' (3,660 mm)
Track Gauge7' 10" (2,390 mm)
Shoe Width31.1 (790 mm)
Overall Width of Upperstructure9' 4" (2,850 mm)


Travel Speed3.7 mph (6 kph) / 2.2 mph (3.6 kph)
Drawbar Pulling Force51,300 lbf (228 kN)


Operating Weight50,000 lbs (22,700 kg)


ModelYanmar 4TN107FTT
Power Output 170 hp (127 kW)
160 hp (119 kW)
Max. Torque594 lbf (805 Nm)
Displacement278.7 in³ (4.567 ltr)
Fuel Tank84.5 gallons (US) (320 ltr)


Number of Main Pumps 2
Max. Digging Reach32' 6" (9,900 mm)
Max. Digging Reach At Ground Level31' 11" (9,730 mm)
Max. Digging Depth22' (6,700 mm)
Max. Digging Height31' 11" (9,720 mm)
Max. Dumping Clearance22' 8" (6,910 mm)
Max. Vertical Wall Digging Depth20' (6,100 mm)
Min. Swing Radius11' 8" (3,550 mm)
Digging Depth For 8 Feet Flat Bottom21' 4" (6,520 mm)
Bucket Digging Force35,300 lbf (157 kN)
Arm Crowding Force25,200 lbf (112 kN)